The purpose of the first draft is not to get it right, but to get it written. And no job is finished until the paperwork is complete. Today, everyone thinks that legal drafts, documents, templates are available free of cost on the internet. Even the most fellows believe in cut copy paste for quicker moves. But they perhaps are unaware that a legal kiss is never as good as a stolen one. So if you are seriously looking for good legal documentation or drafting services then only contact Galaxy4u!

Galaxy4u, Avinash Murkute

Galaxy4u Legal Drafting Specialities:
  • Affidavits for various purposes: We will help you in purchasing stamp papers, drafting, attestation etc.
  • Will / Joint Will Cancellation and of New Will / Revocation of Will
  • Adoption Deed / Maintenance / Family Disputes
  • Arbitration Documentation
  • Bill of Exchange / Promissory notes / Undertakings
  • Bonds of various nature / Grants of various nature
  • Government Correspondence / Tender Documents
  • Property / Builder / Real Estate documentation including public notices in the newspapers
  • Lease / Rent Agreements / Vacation Notices
  • Compromise / Settlement Deeds / Family settlements
  • Legal Notices and Reply to Legal Notice
  • Grants of various nature
  • Exchange Deed / Gift Deed / Composition Deed
  • Agreements of various nature / Commercial Agreements / Guarantee / Indemnity
  • Society / Trust / Hospitals / Temples related Documentation
  • Court documents: Applications, Appeals, Rejoinder, Petitions etc.
  • Banking Claims / Letter of Authority / Disclaimer / Power of Attorney / Probate
  • Claims / Letter of Authority / Power of Attorney
  • Websites: Terms of Service / Disclaimer / Privacy Policy / International norms compliance
  • Model Standing Orders / Enquiry Reports / Memorandum of Settlement / Wage Settlement
  • Incorporations: Article of Association / Memorandum of Association / Partnership Deed / Other incorporation documentation
  • IPR Documentations: Applications, appeals, statements, forms related to Trade Mark, Copyright and Patent (including GI and ID).
  • POSH: Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace - Please get in touch for our expertise


Vetting legal documents is the process of reviewing legal agreements, contracts, or other legal documents before they are signed and / or executed. It ensures that the documents are compliant with relevant laws and regulations, they align with the company’s interests and objectives and they are flawless. Legal vetting involves a thorough due diligence, careful and critical examination of documents.

At Galaxy4u, the process of Legal document vetting is as under:

  • Gather and Organize
  • Read and Understand
  • Check for Errors and Inconsistencies
  • Verify Legal Compliance
  • Review Clauses and Provisions
  • Identify Risks and Ambiguities
  • Seek Legal Advice and consult with legal experts.

Galaxy4u team of legal experts meticulously reviews and confirms the authenticity and accuracy of legal documents, giving clients peace of mind when it comes to the legalities involved. If you would like to rely on neutral third party legal experts, then only name to be trusted is Galaxy4u!


AI, LLM and MT are offering crazy speed without mind of human being and hence most outputs are creepy, crazy and flawed. At Galaxy4u we believe that AI can never match our quality and outputs rendered by AI needs to reviewed or edited by legal experts like us. So if you seriously looking for good legal documentation or drafting services and improvise your AI output then only contact Galaxy4u!

Every document needs special attention and expertise in drafting. Legal drafting needs legal education. At Galaxy4u, we are specialist in Legal Drafting, Legal Document Vetting and AI Output Review Editing. Moreover, we can draft in as many languages as you require. All you have to do is email Galaxy4u at or call / message on +91-9822698070. Remember, a single mistake in legal documentation can cause disaster. We are passionate about Legal Drafting.