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Galaxy4u is young, dynamic, vibrant Legal Consulting and Legal Documentation enterprise at Pune. Founded by Avinash Murkute in the year 2010, today Galaxy4u is one stop and most trusted Legal Documentation enterprise at Pune, Maharashtra, India. Galaxy4u caters to various industries, corporate, small businesses, legal teams and individuals too. Team Galaxy4u includes legal professionals, lawyers, advocates, language experts, academicians and industry experts from various domains.

Galaxy4u is specialist and proudly offers below services with sense of urgency:

Legal Translation Legal Translation Legal Translation
Certified Legal Translations Certified Legal Transcriptions Legal and Other Trainings
Legal Consulting, Legal Compliances Legal Drafting, Vetting, Editing Domain Names, Hosting, Website Localization, Emails, SSL, Digital Signatures, Legal Compliances
Legal Consulting: Phone/Web/Face-2-Face Legal Drafting and Documentation Domain Names and Websites
Legal Consulting, Legal Compliances Legal Drafting, Vetting, Editing Online Agreements
Legal Document Vetting AI Review & Editing Online Agreement

Commitment, Transparency, Sense of Urgency and Mutual Respect are the core values at Galaxy4u. Delighting customers is the tradition at Galaxy4u. Galaxy4u has highly qualified, experienced and seasoned Legal Professionals to understand and assist you and hence you can contact us in confidence.

Galaxy4u believes in direct human touch and human values. Galaxy4u strongly believes that humans are more superior to machines and technologies as today's technologies become redundant tomorrow. Artificial machines, IVRS, bots, call transfers, middlemen, outsourcing etc. are strictly avoided at Galaxy4u. Make a direct call or message today on +91-9822698070 or +91-9637796308 or email at avinash@galaxy4u.in cc avinash@murkute.com and revert is assured.

Galaxy4u offices and contacts are situated at Kothrud-Pune , Wanadongri-Hingna-Nagpur , Thane-Mumbai , Satellite-Ahmedabad and Pitampura-New Delhi. Personal visit is not required as Galaxy4u provide home delivery of Certified Legal Documents throughout India and globally.

Legal Translation and Legal Documentation is always an emergency.